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Damocles consulting was founded in 2016 By Paul Azeff and Kory Bobrow. With their combined 50 years of experience in the financial services industry and their combined 15 years of experience navigating both the litigation and regulatory world, the founders of Damocles were able to identify two unique gaps in the industry that were not being properly serviced. After some early market testing, the founders sold their longstanding advisory business to focus solely on the development of their consulting services.

Damocles provides two distinct but complementary services: the first is Recovery Services, where we aim to provide assistance in recovering damages for High-Net-Worth (HNW) and Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) investors who have suffered wrongdoing at the hands of brokerages and their advisors. The second is Monitoring Services, where we provide a thorough overview of the clients' full investment picture, across multiple platforms, and ensure that the accounts remain within the risk and suitability parameters that the clients provided to their advisors.

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When investors have a complaint against their advisors or their brokerage firm, most are left with little or no options as to how to seek restitution. If you complain to the regulators, their mission is to ensure the integrity of the capital markets, not to seek restitution for your damages.

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Litigation Support

Damocles principals have extensive experience in complex financial litigation, and can provide you with unparalleled litigation support. We know how to quickly and efficiently deal with “document dumps”, and can effectively parse and analyze complex trading and investing patterns. Our experience in the financial services sector, management and litigation allows us to advise how best to direct legal resources and lines of questioning.

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Many affluent Canadians have their personal investments spread across many different platforms and advisors. The idea of diversifying one’s investments in such a fashion is well established, however it becomes almost impossible for an investor to fully grasp the “big picture”.

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" I am a professional who has made a successful career, covering almost 50 years, of operating at the highest levels of the financial advisory services industry. As such, I was surprised to learn that even I benefitted from outside guidance and expertise when it came to clients’ grievances with their advisors and their brokerage firms. While the circumstances I found myself in weren’t unique, the solution provided certainly was. Although many avenues may exist to pursue grievances against advisors and their firms, to my knowledge Damocles is unique in that their focus is solely achieving restitution in an efficient and timely manner. Damocles is able to quickly identify regulatory and industry violations and quantify the damages. They provide guidance, a roadmap, and ultimately, an appropriate level of restitution for the damages suffered. "

Louis Grossbaum FCPA, FCA Partner, Advisory Services, MNP LLP

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