For Lawyers:

We have an insider’s perspective on the brokerage industry, having worked as advisors, in branch management and having seen how brokers litigate firsthand.  We know how they think, what they worry about, where to find documentary evidence, and what their regulatory requirements demand of them.  On the flip side, having worked with investors for a combined total of 50 years, we know the types of complaints they lodge, what their expectations are, where they misunderstand the obligations of the firm and its advisors, and how best to defend against spurious claims.  We also understand how advisors work, how to differentiate between legitimate trading and churning, and we are familiar with the telltale signs of discretionary trading and other regulatory violations. If you are a lawyer preparing for a big case and you don’t have the resources to be able to do everything in-house, it’s worth getting in touch with us.

For aggrieved investors:

Litigation involving the financial services sector is almost always costly, complex, and document-intensive.  In a recent insider-trading case, for instance, tens of millions of individual pieces of information, and over one million documents, were filed in disclosure!  Paying lawyers to go through hundreds of thousands of documents is not only prohibitively expensive, it also isn’t the best use of their time.  If you have a junior lawyer or articling student go through them, they may well lack the experience and expertise to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Junior lawyers and articling students are also often transferred from one file to another, switch firms or don't get hired back.  This means that the junior lawyer you’ve been getting billed hundreds of dollars an hour for may not actually be around by the time you’re preparing for court.  That requires a whole new learning curve for the new lawyer, and guess who pays for that?  If you have a more seasoned lawyer doing the work, expect to pay $400 an hour or more, and again, this may not be the best use of their time.  We can help.  Unlike a junior, we won’t change firms, or get moved to a bigger or more pressing file.  Why not let your lawyer deal with the law and the strategy for your case?  We can do an enormous amount of the legwork for them, in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.
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