Monitoring Services: Many affluent Canadians have their personal investments spread across many different platforms and advisors. The idea of diversifying one’s investments in such a fashion is well established, however, it becomes almost impossible for an investor to fully grasp the “big picture”.

The Damocles Solution: Our services provide a comprehensive report that analyzes each of your portfolios and then combines them into one. By doing so, we are able to establish whether each of your portfolios is meeting their stated objectives. If not, it provides a roadmap to work with your advisor to make the necessary adjustments. Our report includes individual and global account risk profiles which compare your stated objectives to your current holdings, asset allocation per account and overall, global equity sector breakdown, global bond risk ratings and maturities, and global currency allocation. Our process requires us to analyze each one of your holdings, dissecting the mutual funds or EFT’s you may hold, and gather and review the specific details of your fixed income and structured products, as well as any alternative investments. Only once that is complete can we provide you with the comprehensive combined portfolio report and help you fully understand any discrepancies in your combined risk objectives, identify any individual investments or areas of over-concentration, and highlight inherent risks that may not have been properly disclosed. Our unique value in this service is to provide investors with expert independent analysis and comprehensive reports. As we do not manage money at Damocles, we have no conflicts, we only work for you.

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