Recovery Services: When investors have a complaint against their advisors or their brokerage firm, most are left with little or no options as to how to seek restitution. If you complain to the regulators, their mission is to ensure the integrity of the capital markets, not to seek restitution for your damages. In fact, in many cases, the regulators will ask you to stand still and not seek restitution while they investigate. If you complain to the advisor, their supervisors and the brokerage firm you face 3 main obstacles:

  • Conflict of interest: In order to find your advisors have acted in a manner that has violated their professional responsibilities, the firm would also need to find that their management team and supervisor were also negligent in performing their duties as well.
  • Analysis: In order to properly assess your damages, you must first be able to identify all regulatory violations, access the if the investments matched the parameters set out on the establishment of the account and then analyze the data to see if appropriate investments were bought. Any client who has reviewed a monthly statement will quickly realize that the analysis of these statements and all the documentation surrounding the accounts requires an expert to fully understand. Are there hidden fees? Are there conflicts that led to the investment selection that did not prioritize your best interests? These are just a couple of examples of what we can uncover.
  • It is not easy to stand toe to toe with a large financial institution. The cost of the initial analyst alone can be a significant deterrent. Then the ongoing legal costs can not only be a deterrent but in fact a hindrance to going forward with what can be a long-term litigation battle. Often large financial institutions can use their financial might to drain the resources of an individual.

The Damocles Solution:  Most other solution providers charge a flat, hourly fee. At Damocles, while we can offer an hourly fee solution, we can also structure our agreement in such a way that we offer our services for a negotiated one time upfront fee and a percentage of the eventual recovery. If your case requires the help of a lawyer, we will endeavour to set you up with a law firm who will continue within the same cost parameters. The only additional costs are the law firm’s true out of pocket disbursements. All other fees are covered by the recovery. In this scenario, if we take your case, we share the risk of not being paid fully unless you recover your lost funds.

Our unique value to you is a one-stop solution that provides you with an option to pursue your damages with all work done for you at a known cost. At Damocles, we provide you the opportunity to fight back.

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