"I am a professional who has made a successful career, covering almost 50 years, of operating at the highest levels of the financial advisory services industry. As such, I was surprised to learn that even I benefitted from outside guidance and expertise when it came to clients’ grievances with their advisors and their brokerage firms. While the circumstances I found myself in weren’t unique, the solution provided certainly was. Although many avenues may exist to pursue grievances against advisors and their firms, to my knowledge Damocles is unique in that their focus is solely achieving restitution in an efficient and timely manner. Damocles is able to quickly identify regulatory and industry violations and quantify the damages. They provide guidance, a roadmap, and ultimately, an appropriate level of restitution for the damages suffered. "

Louis Grossbaum FCPA, FCA Partner, Advisory Services, MNP LLP

"As a successful business owner and operator for over 30 years I am an expert in my industry but had almost no knowledge of litigation. When I found myself embroiled in several complex legal actions, I knew that I needed help. The experts at Damocles not only were able to easily coordinate with my legal team, but as fact experts they had an in-depth knowledge of my situation that was directly responsible for turning the tide in court for me. If not for Damocles I would have been lost. With thousands of documents in disclosure, I needed someone to organize and analyze the “document dump”. I couldn’t have done it without Damocles’ help. Strategy, facts and the personal touch. Thanks, Damocles!"

Darren Naimer, Vice President, Union Lighting

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